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[HD] ♨Hot clip♨ ☆Ears blessed☆ AKMU IS BACK!! ♬

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  • 게시일 2019. 06. 07.
  • Music siblings AKMU returned in two years!
    I've waited two years to see this combination T ^ T
    Please sing for a long time...!
    From AKMU's hit songs medley
    Genius musician brother and sister ↗
    200% Impromptu, instantly showing composing abilities (great ♡)
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    What is the program in the video?
    [Knowing Brothers]
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  • Sera
    Sera 2 년 전 +9529

    Is nobody gonna talk about how chanhyuk could so smoothly transition his chords to suit the dude's (out of the blue) rapping too? Chanhyuk is pure talent!!!

    • Rahmasia Yusuf
      Rahmasia Yusuf 9 개월 전 +1

      Yess.. totally agree.. Chanyuk so talented, and Suhyun too. Their are so talented. Love AKMU.

    • Cassey
      Cassey 년 전

      Yes, like he's so down to earth.

    • Jane Frappe
      Jane Frappe 년 전 +4

      Both of them are genius actually.

    • airin syava
      airin syava 년 전

      @K T Can't agree more

    • Arusu
      Arusu 년 전 +5

      I love this man so much (,: he’s a so talented!!

  • Blackpink Critique
    Blackpink Critique 년 전 +2403

    YG freaking a storehouse of musical geniuses. Yg is more about musical freedom and talent than just pushing artists to drop songs for sales. That’s why they take all their time and release such good stuffs. They are always evolving behind the scenes growing as an artist, musicians, producers, lyricist, composer, most of their artists excel in all.

    • guccitae
      guccitae 개월 전

      LMFAO the cope is insane

    • shinnie mizuki
      shinnie mizuki 3 개월 전 +1

      @S stop with your ignorant comment. You can watch lee hi interview where she said why YG have long hiatuses for comeback. They’re not just storing them or locking them. YG is best known in the industry for making them artists to have more freedom for other hobbies etc. they want them to explore more on what they can do for themselves. Just look. All YG artists are all rich

    • shinnie mizuki
      shinnie mizuki 3 개월 전

      Very true! YG is that good at making (spotting) true artists

    • S
      S 3 개월 전 +1

      problem is, it's a STOREHOUSE!!
      they just store them. they dont let them out.

    • Jasmine Lao
      Jasmine Lao 9 개월 전 +3

      @Jennie by late you mean late in debuting or late in comeback? I mean artists in YG usually take 2-3 years hiatus. I mean big bang is already on their 4th year of hiatus and 2ne1 before they disbanded also took long hiatus so BP isnt really a unique case. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Lieke Tolenaars
    Lieke Tolenaars 년 전 +2513

    It's been over 2 years and I still want them to release the insect song😭😭😭😭

    • Farah Syamimi Sharif
      Farah Syamimi Sharif 7 개월 전 +2

      Yeahh me too😍😍😍

      REY DEXTER LOPEZ 10 개월 전 +7

      this is my first time watching this. And yeahhh, i want that insect song to be released right now huhu

    • Alfinatun Nadhir
      Alfinatun Nadhir 년 전 +15

      ikr. please release the insect song 😭😭😭😭

      IRA BEAU EMANO 년 전 +52

      I was hoping theyd release it in their new album hahah

  • 얼빠
    얼빠 년 전 +3045

    어쩜... 한명은 천재 작곡가고 한명은 천상의 목소리고.... 어쩜 둘이 한 팀이고 남매냐.......

    • 대게맛있다
      대게맛있다 7 개월 전 +2

      이수현 보컬이 음색도 그렇고 타고난 보컬이라 그렇지 이찬혁도 노래 ㅈㄴ 잘함...

    • ssam moo
      ssam moo 8 개월 전 +2

      부모님들이 전생에 나라 구하셨답니다

    • 노랑색으로 물들이겠어 고잉옐로
      노랑색으로 물들이겠어 고잉옐로 9 개월 전 +2

      @1상태 너보단 괜찮을듯..

    • 셂
       10 개월 전 +4

      @1상태 저 사람들은 얼굴이 못생겼다 해도 재능이라는 게 있는데
      넌 재능이라도 있냐?

    • ㅎㅎ
      ㅎㅎ 11 개월 전 +14

      @1상태 니 얼굴이나 보고 말해 그만 욕 듣고 싶으면 사과하고 글내려

  • 최지훈
    최지훈 년 전 +1524

    와 진짜 즉흥작곡하는거 보고 알았다.. 이 둘은 진짜 희대의 천재들이구나;;;

    • 김미정
      김미정 년 전 +28

      입을 벌리고 못다물고 있네요 천재 인정

  • Trashed Identity
    Trashed Identity 3 년 전 +6530

    It actually sounded like a real album I would listen to 😂

  • 전율전설미래엄마^^

    와 진짜 개소름돋는거 이수근 랩할때 이찬혁 기타치는 코드 바뀌는거 봐요 ㅠㅠㅠ 6:37 진짜 개천재 아님....?

    • 건이의 메뉴추천
      건이의 메뉴추천 24 일 전

      와 뭐...예요? 댓보고 이제 봤네...

    • 이름
      이름 2 개월 전

      @HUG ME 이게 맞지

    • HUG ME
      HUG ME 7 개월 전 +6

      @영상봐요 저것만 봐선 천재라곤 할수없지만 이미 천재여서 천재라고 더 띄여주는 거임

    • 영상봐요
      영상봐요 9 개월 전

      정말 실례지만 저것만 봐서는 천재라고 할 수는없어요ㅡ,,,, 이바닥에서 버스킹 좀 하는 사람 전부 다 할 수 있는능력임///

    • 나야
      나야 9 개월 전

      @Ben Lee ???? 둘 다 똑같은 사람인데?

  • Roséverse
    Roséverse 년 전 +317

    It's like they're communicating in their minds but with music. The talent this two have

  • Isaac Yi
    Isaac Yi 년 전 +855

    When she sang ‘how lonely were you?’ towards the end, better than 99% of any other song in the world.

  • 후추
    후추 년 전 +1611

    내가 볼라고 만든 탐라
    3:49 묵은실잠자리
    5:19 홍합
    -5:41 6:00 오늘 킬포
    7:06 호동이가 경훈이에게 쓴 편지
    -7:25 오늘 킬포 +1
    8:29 상민이가 장훈이에게 쓴 편지 +1

    • 주은s
      주은s 년 전 +16


  • siya Watanabe
    siya Watanabe 2 년 전 +11349

    This insect song is better then so many overrated kpop songs

    • 린
       개월 전

      이미 한국에서는 엄청 인기 많은 곡이였어요

    • maievenstar
      maievenstar 2 개월 전

      Nah, the insane improvisation, indeed talented 😭❤️

    • 가능
      가능 년 전


    • Riya Garbyal
      Riya Garbyal 년 전 +1

      All the songs they just sang are so much better than some of these overproduced kpop songs ya 😂

    • Chia-Wen Li
      Chia-Wen Li 년 전

      Absolutely, can’t agree with you more

  • BambamThe Savage
    BambamThe Savage 3 개월 전 +34

    Music is in their blood, they are literally musical genius siblings

  • aera
    aera 년 전 +158

    i get goosebumps every time i come back to this video. they are so talented and SO underrated. i need this storybook song thing to be a series😩

  • Sabfluence
    Sabfluence 년 전 +72

    Y'all... schools should hire her to make audio music books to teach their students literally this is so good

  • SJ
    SJ 9 개월 전 +217

    바로 멜로디 찍어내는 찬혁
    그걸 한번 듣고 다 캐치해네는 수현
    진짜 신이내린 듀오다 ㄷㄷ

  • hoshi's yeochin
    hoshi's yeochin 2 년 전 +5649

    Chanhyuk's ability to lead with his guitar by creating his own sound color (what a genius this guy) and keep up with Suhyun & Suhyun's ability to create her own melody on the spot (god knows how difficult that is) is just breathtaking! They are so amazing!!!!!!

    • Turtle
      Turtle 년 전 +43

      Yeah, he truly is amazing! He even composed a song during his military duty and it was chosen as the official military song for the Marine Corps!

    • Hudita Lubis
      Hudita Lubis 년 전 +8

      yes both of them are talented

    • Riza Jane Redondo
      Riza Jane Redondo 2 년 전 +10

      Yes, they are so amazing, both of them❤️💕

    • hoshi's yeochin
      hoshi's yeochin 2 년 전 +52

      @Reddishgore wow another reason to stan akmu more :((

    • Reddishgore
      Reddishgore 2 년 전 +233

      I remember jyp pointing out the chords that he did during kpop star coz it is difficult chord or something and he doesnt know what is and what is called. He just did it without knowing and jyp was baffled like how.

  • 휴먼
    휴먼 년 전 +183

    진짜 수현이 고음하면서 윙크하는거 너무 귀엽다..

  • 헐
     년 전 +790

    수현이는 어케 목소리가 저렇게 옥구슬 또르르같지ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

  • secret person
    secret person 년 전 +821

    I realized that Akmu is a very talented artist. But I wonder why everyone is physically insulting? I really hate those who see his physique. Akmu is a very artist in singing, and I really like them.

    • J Chen
      J Chen 년 전 +7

      @HARDNOSED HARPY yeah, especially as they were both really young when they debuted and a lot of underage celebs are pressured to get work done at the behest of their agencies. I'm happy that they're comfortable with themselves.

      HARDNOSED HARPY 년 전 +3

      @Zel I mean I'm so proud that they both said no to toxic beauty standards, especially in a place like sk.

    • Jane Frappe
      Jane Frappe 년 전 +1

      Haters love to pull down who's going up! let them hate! I love akmu since Day 1 ❤️

      HARDNOSED HARPY 년 전 +4

      @Zel nice. So good. They're both so talented. I only listened to their song dinosaur before. I'm actually a fan of the show and was just checking out which guest appearances. They're both so talented.

    • Zel
      Zel 년 전 +20

      @STRS yep. The insult is soo 2014 the haters doesn't have anything to throw at the Lee siblings. Also, note that AKMU includeda clause in the contract when they signed under YG to not persuade them to do surgery. A definite huge slap in d face to those haters

  • Hello Yellow
    Hello Yellow 년 전 +98

    Never get bored for rewatching this over and over again. Cant imagine how proud their parents are. Hands down for both genius siblings!

  • Made in Busan
    Made in Busan 2 년 전 +12512

    I am 100% sure after this video that AKMU are both musical geniuses to be able to make that on the spot.

    • May Ou
      May Ou 년 전


    • Kristian S
      Kristian S 년 전

      @김예자 that's okay! I also googled it to be sure haha :)

    • 김예자
      김예자 년 전

      @Kristian S Oh sorry, I don’t really know that song’s lyrics😅😅

    • Kristian S
      Kristian S 년 전

      @ONCEEEEE 🍭🍭🍭 ayee you got the reference!

    • Kristian S
      Kristian S 년 전 +3

      @김예자 You mean "I want you, really I mean really"

  • Aysha
    Aysha 년 전 +75

    TALENT AS ITS FINEST. Definitely Koreas Treasure right here. This siblings are just bursting with Talents. ITS SO GOOD AKMU. YOU MAKE ME SO PROUD AS YOUR FAN.

  • 우란오탕
    우란오탕 년 전 +124

    즉흥곡 만들기 미쳤네 ㅎㄷㄷ 진짜 재능이다

  • 김승찬
    김승찬 년 전 +45

    진짜 너무 대단한 천재들인 것 같네요. 남매라서 더욱 더 잘 맞는 느낌도 있고, 음색이 평소에 들었던 아티스트들과는 조금 다른 느낌의 노래였습니다. 두 분이 마이크를 잡을때는 왠지 여행을 온 것 같은 느낌이 들어서 자주 찾게 되네요. 앞으로의 음악생활 응원합니다

  • Minyoung Lee
    Minyoung Lee 년 전 +187

    진정 아티스트들이다,,, 진짜 수현이가 노래하는순간 분위기가 바뀌어 버리네

  • flipevent
    flipevent 3 년 전 +8161

    "That's why we admit her as an artist."
    Chanhyuk said the only things that need to be said here. This was beautiful.

    • Tommyo24
      Tommyo24 2 년 전 +14

      He wrotes and plays the most beautiful songs and she makes it even better.. Her voice is liquid gold.. (props to simon cowell for the phrase)

    • Ciska Joy Lufranco
      Ciska Joy Lufranco 2 년 전 +16

      He is a big fan of his sister❤️
      He really knows how wide Suhyun'a range is❤️
      Proud brother❤️

    • Ivo
      Ivo 2 년 전 +32

      Before Billie and Finneas popular, there were Akmu.

    • KSD TRBL
      KSD TRBL 2 년 전 +18

      Somiiii?!!! I love you! Can’t ignore akmus voice tho

    • Jha0601
      Jha0601 3 년 전 +291

      @FelixBaritonose true. He always sings praises for his sister and she deserves it but he's as praise worthy with all those beautiful melodies he produces at a whim.

  • 스마일사랑해
    스마일사랑해 년 전 +114

    오... 소름돋았어 대박... 오디션때부터 보통이아닌거알았는데 즉석으로 저렇게부르는게 말이되나.. 멋진남매고나.. 최고!!

  • 박현빈
    박현빈 년 전 +171

    이 두 천재들 진짜 하늘이 내렸다

  • 맬렁
    맬렁 5 개월 전 +38

    와 근데 찬혁 작곡은 넘사긴 해도 즉석 노래 하는거보면 수현도 작곡 재능이 있네........

  • elliephantastic0130
    elliephantastic0130 년 전 +11

    The host reaction on her back never fails to make me laugh. His amazed face and how he didnt expect and just clapped his hand in awe😂

  • PisaCake9
    PisaCake9 3 년 전 +4464

    I loved how they didn't want her to stop singing.

    • Rens
      Rens 2 년 전


    • Simone Saldanha
      Simone Saldanha 2 년 전 +1

      Nobody would

    • Guike Games 01
      Guike Games 01 3 년 전 +4


    • Lazuli Delacroix
      Lazuli Delacroix 3 년 전 +26

      I never wanted to stop her from singing heck she even made the repetition of the word “mussel” sound magnificent 😂😂👏❤️

    • PisaCake9
      PisaCake9 3 년 전 +3

      Taeyong Sarang bahaha I love that

  • Princess Elizabeth Segovia

    i don’t know why but i keep coming back here once in a while to listen to this song. these improvised book song seemed so real than other songs hahaha

  • Yen Dice
    Yen Dice 년 전 +24

    I find myself coming back here just to hear them sing their impromptu songs. Why is it so good 🤧🥰

  • 재비
    재비 년 전 +239

    6:38 아니 진짜 찬혁이 바로 베이스 바꾸는거 진짜 개천재아니냐 진짜 그와중에 이수근 랩 개잘함 ㅋㅋ

    • 최현지
      최현지 년 전 +8

      ㄹㅇ ㅋㄱㅋㄱㅋㄱㅋ 존나 잘해서 놀람

  • RheaknowsEdit(무무)

    Even though I've watched this hundred times but I'm still amazed at their voices they're so talented 💗

  • LisaK Official
    LisaK Official 2 년 전 +3873

    They’re literally geniuses. There’s probably noone else that can make a song about insects this catchy & vibey lol. guess i gotta keep replaying this until they make the album

    • LisaK Official
      LisaK Official 2 년 전 +2

      @mikell haha i know, i replayed it so many times. love these two (:

    • Asti fs
      Asti fs 2 년 전 +6

      Album about insect?wkwkk

    • Fragrance.S
      Fragrance.S 2 년 전 +5

      LISA yeah lets go

  • 🍀Watch Songchelin & Chanwoosari

    Can they officially release all the songs they sing here, cause its so good and I'm sure many of us really loved it 💞

  • 촉촉한궁뎅이
    촉촉한궁뎅이 년 전 +71

    와 즉흥곡은 진짜 대박이다.... 둘다 너무이쁘고귀여워

  • 바니바니
    바니바니 년 전 +75

    진짜 너무좋다 악동뮤지션
    음악에 있어서 압도적 천재들이네

  • tina rina
    tina rina 년 전 +28

    Akdong is so talented though I don't know exactly what it means but when she sang, it really moves my heart

  • itsme2pick
    itsme2pick 3 년 전 +11472

    Not only how they just instantly sing the text on the spot but also how chanhyuk quickly adapt his guitar to suhyuns melody as if they could read each others mind 😱

    • Ghost 👻
      Ghost 👻 2 년 전 +2

      The power of sibling

    • karnea
      karnea 2 년 전

      @bravislatoy youre the stupid one lol...

    • Milcah Joyce Rafon
      Milcah Joyce Rafon 3 년 전 +1

      Im just here for the insect and mussel song

    • kyaaa
      kyaaa 3 년 전 +5

      bravislatoy lmao loads of people can do that but it doesnt necessarily mean they'll be famous. akmu are definitely very talented and suhyun's voice is wonderful and chanhyuk is an amazing lyricist and saying that it's not that big of a deal does not detract from their obvious talent. like, keeping tempo is a basic skill. counting beats. musicians learn that shit that's why they keep in time with each other.

    • Jeremy Mondejar
      Jeremy Mondejar 3 년 전

      They're twins.

  • RS Tempest
    RS Tempest 11 개월 전 +16

    Their voices is the perfect compliment for each others especially on their own songs. No one comes close. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • am only hooman
    am only hooman 10 개월 전 +34

    It's been 2 years, we want them in this show again.

  • Seongwu-ssi
    Seongwu-ssi 년 전 +55

    Even my brother who is not into kpop says that AKMU's voice is amazing, like when he accidentaly heard them in KPOP Star ( i was watching it at TV) he said that they have great harmonization

  • ms.A 1993
    ms.A 1993 년 전 +47

    This talented siblings never fail to surprise me.

  • 0 0
    0 0 3 년 전 +3125

    찬혁이 작곡천재인건 뭐 말할 것도 없고 수현이도 진짜 대박이다... 아무리 기타 반주가 있다고 해도 멜로디 바로바로 찍어내는 거 진짜 어려운데... 확실히 둘이 같이 있으니까 서로의 장점이 극대화되는 것 같음

  • Nini Zhang
    Nini Zhang 년 전 +39

    chanhyuk being so proud of his little sister is so cute.

  • La Vie en Rose
    La Vie en Rose 년 전 +24

    목소리 너무 좋다 ㅠㅠ
    앞으로도 계속 건강하게 음악활동 해줬으면 좋겠다

  • Maria Regina Tagalog

    Chanhyuk's guitar skills is just insane... the color of the melody that comes out on his guitar is just so colorful... I like it! how can he composed it on the spot not to mention her sister too! Do they have telepathy or something?

  • Kayla Aqilah
    Kayla Aqilah 년 전 +71

    The Siberian song 3:50 sounds like a real song . Damn. The melody so good. They should produce that song.

  • jhopeful flower
    jhopeful flower 3 년 전 +6149

    chanhyuk is so underrated, like dude he just whipped some tunes for y'all please appreciate him.

    • dia
      dia 3 년 전

      I know, at least based on little bit I’ve seen on comments I noticed that Suhyun gets so much love (which she deserves so much like her voice is beautiful) and Chanhyuk gets little to no attention. So I really hope both of them are equally acknowledged and appreciated for their talent and effort 💜

    • L JE
      L JE 3 년 전 +3

      I like Chanhyuk more hahahha

    • Malu
      Malu 3 년 전 +6

      They may not be that known outside Korea but in Korea they REALLY popular

    • S R
      S R 3 년 전 +35

      Im livin in Korea and they are BOTH super popular...suhyun for her beautiful voice and chanhyuk for his compositons. There is no who is more popular than who at least in Korea. And trust me no one is underrsted everybody knows that they are so talented

    • Lost and Alone
      Lost and Alone 3 년 전 +24

      Damn how he switched up the strum to match her in the first song tho, like bruhhhhh

  • 한준희
    한준희 5 개월 전 +10

    우와 미쳤다.. 진짜 미친 재능이다..

  • 괴111물
    괴111물 11 개월 전 +33

    진짜 잘한다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 어케 남매가 한명은 작사작곡 천재 한명은 노래 천재 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 대단하다 정말

    HYESEON SON 6 개월 전 +20

    수현 책 펴고, 찬혁 잠시 생각하고 바로 코드 잡고 둘이 함께 시작!
    그리고 완벽하게 만들어내는 하모니.
    그저 감탄..!

  • Tricee XO
    Tricee XO 년 전 +14

    Here again since they’re having a comeback soon. The insect song is still SO GOOD. I’m excited for their collab album! ♥️

  • Ecyoj
    Ecyoj 2 년 전 +4487

    Suhyun living the "IF I SOUND LIKE THAT I'LL NEVER SHUT UP" life.

  • Joymarie Ken Letada
    Joymarie Ken Letada 16 일 전 +2

    It's been 3 years and I am still listening to this.

  • 이다혜
    이다혜 년 전 +49

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    Amin bl 년 전 +40

    I love the last song even though it's only a line..."how lonely are you" it just touch me so much

  • Just Tyan
    Just Tyan 3 년 전 +5160

    These siblings is a genius in kpop. For me. YG should release them out of the dungeon asap. We need a comeback from these two

    • MAd Man
      MAd Man 2 년 전

      @azel Larzky Spill the tea!

    • azel Larzky
      azel Larzky 2 년 전 +6

      for someone who does not know much about the idols they commenting with, ofcourse you will say that.. But FOR YOUR INFORMATION... Chanhyuk just came from military and this is the first time he showed up on TV and they are gearing up for new album during this time.. and they were not kept on dangeon and they have been creating their own music and of course they need time to prepare. and For Those who are saying they should leave the company, just in case you dont know AKMU is the one who choose YG,why? they have freedom on their music..

    • waga waga ne
      waga waga ne 2 년 전 +1

      They rather stay at YG, because they gave them freedom.

    • Rachel K
      Rachel K 3 년 전

      @fxck america ????

    • Hiraya
      Hiraya 3 년 전

      @fxck america huh? why?

  • Turtle
    Turtle 년 전 +18


  • 아톰장남끼
    아톰장남끼 6 개월 전 +20

    와 대박인데 그냥 뭐라고 할 수 없는 뮤지션🤝

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    Thrynx 년 전 +17

    I still need the last song to be finished. We almost got a masterpiece right there. Every song they made is a masterpiece.

  • Sherla Apple Ramos
    Sherla Apple Ramos 년 전 +17

    Akmu is just so talented. Worth to Stan!

  • J L
    J L 2 년 전 +4194

    I'm here because she just released her first ever single "Alien" as soloist. She is just a versatile singer. I have no words for her, only respect. Truly that YG has an amazing and flexible artists.

    • Ayushi Pandey
      Ayushi Pandey 년 전

      YG stan

    • h y u n n i e🖤
      h y u n n i e🖤 년 전 +1

      Mhm, yg has/ had one of the best artists in the industry

    • Latika Jimee
      Latika Jimee 년 전 +1

      @Nini they cab become that in anyother company too since they were during it during their audition itself.. there were many ent. willing to sign them

    • Nini
      Nini 년 전 +3

      @Latika Jimee but we cant deny that YGE let them do their work and gave them freedom and promotions , chanhyuk even became a producer in YG

    • Aleja
      Aleja 2 년 전

      A A A A A A AN ALIEN

  • treasure tea
    treasure tea 년 전 +15

    They're both national treasures!

  • Anne Rey
    Anne Rey 년 전 +89

    Hopefully they’ll visit knowing brothers again for the promotion of their upcoming album and they’ll continue the last song.😂

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    코네코냥 년 전 +22

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    Arusu 년 전 +11

    They just had a full out jam session 😂 AMAZING!

  • Sushmita Baidhya
    Sushmita Baidhya 년 전 +31

    Wow 😯 she is so talented she can sing any books word as song lyrics and her voice is so amazing 💕💕

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    • 흠
       10 개월 전

      주기율표는 이미 레전드가 있어서.... ㅋㄱㅋㄱㅋㅋㅋ 그래도 악뮤표 주기율표도 보고 싶네요

    • 사고리구
      사고리구 10 개월 전

      헤헤 니베비키니옷벗네 나만알지 푹쉬크라 케케 이거아님?

    • 정명숙
      정명숙 2 년 전 +1

      주기율표 송! ㄱㄱ

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  • Vihh
    Vihh 년 전 +6

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    수현이는 성형안한게 진짜 신의 한수 지금도 너무 이쁘고 개성 이따 ♡

  • Maria Velazquez
    Maria Velazquez 년 전 +9

    WOW she so TALENTED and BEAUTIFUL 😍 this is my first time hearing her sing and I become a fan of her WOW👏👏👏🔥🔥

  • 나둥
    나둥 년 전 +95

    케이팝스타 때도 지금도 몇 년이 지나도 그냥 천재라는 말밖에 안 나온다

  • Adrian Hazmi
    Adrian Hazmi 3 년 전 +1731

    If Suhyun continue the rest after "How lonely are you?"
    I might be crying in the end of the song.. 😭😭😭
    The mood sets so well with her voice, the melody and the instruments.. it could be a real song included in their next comeback

    • pOtaTo CouCh
      pOtaTo CouCh 3 년 전 +4

      It was beautiful already with only one sentence....only she can do tht😂😂

    • Esat Side
      Esat Side 3 년 전 +3

      Me toooo

    • hilac
      hilac 3 년 전 +15

      I really wish they gonna do it, when suhyun start sang how lonely you are, I CRIED WOW

    • jenca
      jenca 3 년 전 +14

      @green1350 Royalty fees be coming in nonstop for Sangmin if that happens 😂😂😂

    • green1350
      green1350 3 년 전 +38

      Sang Min would have some money again...since he was the one that wrote the letter....😂

  • Fitria Moriana
    Fitria Moriana 11 개월 전 +4

    I love Ho Dong's song sooo muucchhh, the lyrics and melody are so cutely comical ❤️❤️❤️

  • Bb. Kristina
    Bb. Kristina 년 전 +10

    They could make an actual song out of a book, these two are talented artists.

  • christelle2194
    christelle2194 7 개월 전 +10

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  • 치유벨 [Healer Bell]
    치유벨 [Healer Bell] 11 개월 전 +5

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    maowi neun 2 년 전 +1785

    "i can make an album here"
    After a year Im still waiting. The Siberian damselfly and mussel song was realllyy reallyyyy good gosh these sibling

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    Ynmd 9 개월 전 +6

    They are so so very very talented 🔥😆

  • Dickhead Poppy
    Dickhead Poppy 년 전 +3

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  • Sumayra Sultanji
    Sumayra Sultanji 년 전 +213

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    MariaLenny Grace 6 개월 전 +2

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  • 하루살이
    하루살이 3 년 전 +6834

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    • 펑소리에놀란티모
      펑소리에놀란티모 3 년 전

      @망멩미 ㄹㅇ 사회부적응자ㅋㅋ

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      @망멩미 (찐)

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    • 권영광
      권영광 3 년 전

      @란즈미 아마 가사가 너무 찐해서 진행하기 힘들지 않았을까요ㅋㅋ

  • Rose Marinas
    Rose Marinas 10 개월 전 +10

    Their 'Open a Book,Lalala' made me love this sibling more... Its pure talent, yo!!

  • Hana J. Ginting
    Hana J. Ginting 년 전 +14

    Without the subtitle, I would never know that song is about insect. She is incredible. Her voice is also very good! The guitarist's talent for assisting her right away like that is amazing.

    • Starry Hill
      Starry Hill 10 개월 전

      That's the magic of it, right? We can all vibe to music eventhough we don't understand any word 👍

    • Cool Kiz
      Cool Kiz 년 전

      the guitarist is her older brother.. they are AKMU.. sibling duo

    • Aira Faye
      Aira Faye 년 전

      Yeah me too. Really music genius. Both of them are gifted

  • rebellion digital studio

    Okay Ho Dong song's giving me goosebump!! the melody, lyrics and music are really cute

  • Chi Chi
    Chi Chi 년 전 +10

    I need this song on spotify like seriously, I am coming back here again and again and again. This insect song is so addicted myghad. How can they do that on the spot?

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    김동화 3 년 전 +1155

    이수현 음색 진짜 와...... 마이크 음질이 좋은거야 뭐야 진짜 너무 와... 역대급인데....? 라이브 들으면 이런느낌이려나 콘섵 뽐뿌개와 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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    Bee S. 년 전 +10

    i really like the song of hodong's letter. it's so cute with her voice.

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    Omg they sound beautiful together. Their voices go so well together🥰

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    Mř ČMĎ 년 전 +7

    Don't get me wrong, I like the other artist and other groups in YG..
    But AKMU is the best group..
    They are really talented..No doubt..

  • Hannah Clarel Espinosa