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♨Hot Clip♨[HD]HyunA♥DAWN in love! Revealing their fluttering love story!!

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  • 게시일 2019. 11. 08.
  • For the first time in the Bros school! Idol HyunA brings her boyfriend together!⊙_⊙
    (Even Mi-sun didn't bring Bong-won LOL)
    The real couple is in one frame..! ♡Heart pounding already♡ for unfamiliar guests~
    Revealing of the 4-year-long love story of HyunA♥DAWN for the first time ever!
    HyunA♥DAWN in love that makes everyone pleased~
    Big support for you guys forever who make a new start together♡
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  • Joy's Green Kiwi
    Joy's Green Kiwi 2 년 전 +38461

    The bros getting so excited to hear their story is the cutest thing ever. This is why we need more open couples in kpop. More great content like this

    • Branca Chuc
      Branca Chuc 21 일 전

      O cassl funciona tão bem que acaba sendo um verdadeiro casal.
      Adorei eles trabalharem juntos e namoraram.
      Quer que continue dando muito certo.Muito 💘 😍 🏩 💌 💖 💓 💘 😍 🏩 💌 para vocês,melhores shows,crescimento profissional,crescimento ❤ 🤟 ❤ 🤟 ❤ 🤟 ❤ 🤟 ❤

    • Sanjana Tumalla
      Sanjana Tumalla 개월 전

      agreed sister

    • eva martinez
      eva martinez 4 개월 전

      Eseyyesgh2wqss nn4trrtv n.zzcvbbbbeeiiittejimjjmjhte56litrrtyukkjhdghbhjjhjkkilquiukiklo777777777777777777777

    • Ky
      Ky 4 개월 전

      they all look like friends gossiping

    • jas-the-shrimp
      jas-the-shrimp 6 개월 전

      For reall man

  • Simply Graduated
    Simply Graduated 년 전 +13713

    Imagine how many sweet moments like this we would get if companies weren’t so strict about dating.
    Seeing this video and following them on Insta and seeing their photos they share with us, makes me wish more idols would comfortably date and find love

    • Asre Emse
      Asre Emse 개월 전 +1

      @Krishna Prasad exactly, I think the company having those rules is even to protect the idols because the way some fans turn on the idol for even fake rumours or even just having friends of opposite gender is crazy. Some fans don’t understand they are not idols for us but human beings who just love to sing dance and perform

    • sofi <3
      sofi <3 3 개월 전

      honestly the companies aren't always so strict, it's just that the idols need to hide their relationships because a lot of fans are crazy and somehow think they have the right to decide about their idols personal life

    • Leti Varys
      Leti Varys 4 개월 전 +1

      I would also love that but I think that rule has also a positive side to it. Yes, the company probably did that so the fans wouldn't be mad, since you know how it is in Korea with all the dating, the company would lose money if the fans got mad and start to unstan them but at the same time it also protects the idols so they won't get hate on if they do come out in public. But I hope there will be more open couples now since Hyuna and Hyojong has come forward, I hope their action and the public's positive reqction towards their relationship would give courage to other couples to announce theirs

    • Pocket knife
      Pocket knife 6 개월 전

      Tbh, it’s only cute because we are seeing two adults whom are ready to be in a COMMITTED relationship be open about it. But idols are usually young and what if they date around or change their mind fast ? It will be a spectacle if they date openly. I do wish that idols that been dating for over 2-3 years come out and be open about it. 💕

    • shannon clark
      shannon clark 9 개월 전

      It’s not just companies it’s fan too they boycott members for getting Married of have a kid ship wars are just insane
      And for companies they just use romances as marketing like Kia and Krystal

  • ᄋᄌ
    ᄋᄌ 18 시간 전 +3

    while reading many comments that they want this couple to last forever & get married, i literally sobbing😭 I don't know what happened between them but I hope they're doing well. my heart also break when they broke up 💔
    but you are the source of your happiness so I hope the decision will made both of you happy with your life.

  • Park Sae Ram박새람

    아 미친 던도 현아도 서로 본인을 좋아할지 몰랐던거네 보면서 계속 내 상황이랑 비슷해보여서 몰입하고 너무 재밌고 좋다….
    와중에 만나자가 사귀자는 뜻을 몰랐던 형들ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    이 둘 조합 다시는 못 보는곤가ㅠㅠ 아쉽긴하네….

  • hesee apple
    hesee apple 년 전 +2988

    현아가 던을 만나 안정을 얻은 것이 너무 잘 됐고..... 진짜... 보기 좋아..

    • 히렌베리
      히렌베리 2 일 전

      @진주 ww😂

    • 진주
      진주 3 일 전 +2


    • 호잉
      호잉 년 전 +84

      맞아요ㅜㅜㅜ 둘이 천생연분ㅜㅜ

  • 김ᄒᄀ
    김ᄒᄀ 2 일 전 +82

    이거보고 현아 너무너무 호감 ㅠㅠㅠ
    원래는 화려하고 섹시한 연예인 이구나라고만 알았는데 실제 모습은 순수하시구 말두 너무 조곤조곤 잘하심

  • halseywidlove
    halseywidlove 년 전 +8891

    Let's all thank PSY he's an ANGEL.. These two fought with the whole world just to be with each other and i'm SOOOOO proud of them, and thank you PSY. I also want my idols to be happy with someone 💜😊

    • Amavi Pouvallen
      Amavi Pouvallen 5 개월 전 +1

      @jewelrv AGREE💜💯

    • ren
      ren 8 개월 전

      @Helena Livingston yeah! i'm so happy for them :D

    • Helena Livingston
      Helena Livingston 8 개월 전

      @ren did you know they are engaged now

    • Shei Lai
      Shei Lai 10 개월 전 +24

      yeah PSY choose TALENTED ARTISTS with/without relationship, he has a big heart and that's a humble man CEO himself we're really grateful that he's not a stereotype CEO who always concerned about growing company with toxic rules in dating, thats why he achieved so much success because he is a very humble person ❤

    • 23Bumolo23
      23Bumolo23 11 개월 전 +8

      Psy is our answered prayers. I know that guy is worth stanning

  • yj j
    yj j 6 분 전

    던이 너무 잘생기고 귀엽고 실력도 좋고 인성도 좋은데 더 잘 됐으면 좋겠다

  • 준희
    준희 일 전 +58

    이제는 눈물 나면서 봐야 할 영상...ㅠㅠㅠ

  • Leilani Belton
    Leilani Belton 년 전 +9531

    BRUH IF THEY DON’T GET MARRIED ALREADY THERE SOO CUTE STOP IM DEVASTATED😭😭 update *oml that’s a lot of likes thank y’all sm for the love💞

    • mel
      mel 4 일 전

      @Felmarge Go IM IN PAINNNNNNN

    • Felmarge Go
      Felmarge Go 6 일 전 +1

      @mel then they pulled an uno reverse card on all of us and broke up 😭

    • Felmarge Go
      Felmarge Go 6 일 전

      @ccali and then all of a sudden aged like milk 😭

    • Felmarge Go
      Felmarge Go 6 일 전

      this did not age well 😭😭 they broke up now

    • jules ★
      jules ★ 6 일 전 +2

      oh girl………..

  • 낑깡
    낑깡 일 전 +48

    슬프다 ㅜㅜ내일 당장 다시 사귀게됐다고 해도 축복해줄수있는 커플인데 😢

  • Lemiere
    Lemiere 년 전 +2712

    Hyuna looks like a daughter who introduced her bf to her dad, uncles and brothers 😂😂😂

    • One
      One 년 전 +92

      Heechul looks like dawns dad

  • 개떡
    개떡 3 일 전 +85

    얘네도 이제 과거가 되어버렸구나..
    다른 길을 가지만 두 사람 다 응원해!!🤍

  • 애교
    애교 년 전 +929

    현아 웃는거 보면 같이 웃게 된다....
    말하는 것도 너무 신중하고 착한게 느껴짐....

  • creatoor _
    creatoor _ 3 년 전 +3649

    the fact that they’ve been together for almost 4 years makes me glad they didn’t let all the drama break them up ☺️

  • SB
    SB 년 전 +2657

    Only selfish, heartless, jealous, and toxic people can dislike this video
    Look at them so much in love and fond of each other. God bless you both

    • krewlicious
      krewlicious 11 개월 전 +5

      @Momos jokbal hui and his alt accounts HAHAHA 😭

    • KEERTHI 💙
      KEERTHI 💙 년 전 +1


    • Momos jokbal
      Momos jokbal 년 전 +20

      It was probably hui because he's their third wheel

  • 리푸렌
    리푸렌 8 시간 전 +19

    현아 던 헤어진건 알고있었지만 관련된영상은 본적이 없는데 알고리즘 미쳤네 ㄹㅇ

  • Wanda Wolfe
    Wanda Wolfe 년 전 +498

    It’s lovely how Dawn leans his body and head towards Hyuna when she’s speaking. It shows such love. They are a lovely couple. He is bashful and quietly spoken. This is just so heart warming! And, Hyuna loves Dawn implicitly. She speaks so well of him. Dawn is an exceptional talent and is constantly improving. Well done Dawn!!

    • Wanda Wolfe
      Wanda Wolfe 3 개월 전 +2

      @Auvember Hyuna and Dawn are a delightful couple. I hope they remain together and don’t allow society to dampen their love for each other. Thank you for your reply. Greeting from Australia.

    • Auvember
      Auvember 3 개월 전 +5

      I noticed that too! He’s quiet but you can tell from his body language how much he likes her

  • Nameless
    Nameless 년 전 +500

    The only thing better than how cute Hyuna and Dawn are together is how invested all of the hosts are into their story! 💗

  • Indian aeri
    Indian aeri 3 년 전 +13305

    I wish more IDOLS would come out like them, there is nothing wrong in dating or loving someone fans should understand that

    • peachylemonade
      peachylemonade 년 전 +1

      For the people who are saying that it's the company's fault, the companies are doing so BECAUSE of u stupid fans. So in conclusion it's the fans' fault primarily. Grow up.

    • peachylemonade
      peachylemonade 년 전

      @Sl1719 It's more like for idols, other celebs like actors def have more freedom.

    • Sl1719
      Sl1719 년 전

      @Lorena Francesca is it just idols or is it all celebrities.

    • Kae Yuki
      Kae Yuki 년 전

      now we got Joy and crush!!!

    • Brittney Reimers
      Brittney Reimers 2 년 전

      Amen 👏👏

  • Hannah Vlog
    Hannah Vlog 6 일 전 +19

    ok like why is this recommended for me after their breakup????? Im literally crying rn

  • hamstrong day
    hamstrong day 년 전 +361

    굉장히 사려깊은 커플이네 ㅎㅎ 성숙한 두 사람이 서로를 애틋히 배려하는 모습이 인상적이네요

  • Sexy
    Sexy 3 일 전 +176

    와 현아 이던 영상 보지도 않았는데 소식 뜨니까 이거 뜨는거 ㄹㅇ 소름돋네…

    • 탄탄
      탄탄 일 전 +1

      사람들이 갑자기 현아 던 검색하니까요

    • jae jae
      jae jae 2 일 전 +1


    • -현
      -현 2 일 전 +5

      ㄹㅇ 알고리즘 소름이다

  • Kaylin Smith
    Kaylin Smith 년 전 +331

    Dawn is so smooth with his "Why wait?," and then he made my heart flutter with, "I was already in love with her." They seem very sweet together. I wish them both all the best.

  • kaitlyn ted🧸
    kaitlyn ted🧸 3 년 전 +24778

    I love how she comes out and said "I brought my boyfriend with me" is so cute

    • Brittney Reimers
      Brittney Reimers 2 년 전 +5

      We need more strong kpop couples like them 💕

    • chuuvely
      chuuvely 2 년 전 +8

      I want to cry... they’re too cute for my single ass 🥺

    • Jungkook
      Jungkook 2 년 전

      @Emerald Narsha or Natsumiii

    • Jungkook
      Jungkook 2 년 전

      @Emerald it's Ra.d song *I'm in love*
      And Natsumii cover it

    • hanaan
      hanaan 2 년 전 +13

      The biggest flex of the century. Yea HyunA we get it, you have a boyfriend and we all live the single life😂😂

  • 캐니캐니
    캐니캐니 2 일 전 +17

    이제는 다른 길을 가지만 각자의 위치에서 잘 됬으면

  • ᄋᄋᄋ
    ᄋᄋᄋ 2 일 전 +52

    아니 그렇게 좋다고 시작하는 그룹도 못하게 해놓고 이제와 버리면

  • blu
    blu 년 전 +329

    아진짜 현아 너무 좋음 그냥 사람자체가 너무 귀엽고 사랑스럽고 똑똑하고 다함 퓨ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  • Rez Islam
    Rez Islam 년 전 +309

    They look so happy together. Clearly they're thriving under P Nation and they're going 5 years strong. They're seriously so cute together.

  • tiramiso
    tiramiso 2 년 전 +8598

    almost all relationships in kpop only last like 1 or 2 years, aND THERE’S HYUNA AND DAWN THAT HAVE BEEN TOGETHER FOR 4 YEARS

    • Pretty Narjinary
      Pretty Narjinary 2 개월 전

      @b it's true

    • b
      b 7 개월 전

      @Trisha Meshram no

    • Trisha Meshram
      Trisha Meshram 8 개월 전 +1

      He proposed and they are engaged 💜

    • Alice Santos
      Alice Santos 년 전

      @LunarSpace Not only the Korean "fans", there are also some "fans" here in the west who are also sickly jealous

    • Valentina Dalguerre
      Valentina Dalguerre 년 전 +3

      @Taylor Fields Yes, Hyuna post it in instagram last month

  • Magisterial Voyager
    Magisterial Voyager 11 개월 전 +73

    I love how mature their relationship is. HyunA being vulnerable is an amazing thing to see. Thank you so much for this!

  • 로나
    로나 3 일 전 +11

    갑자기 알고리즘에 뜨네..ㅎㄷㄷ

  • Kei
    Kei 9 개월 전 +67

    I occasionally come back to this particular ep to see how in love they are T_T and now they're getting married get me tissues😭 they're so innocent in a way they look like high school lover and it makes me wanna put them in a bubble wrap and protecc them 4everr

  • it never ends
    it never ends 10 개월 전 +80

    현아 던 커플 그냥 사진만 보고 잘 어울리네 생각만 했었는데 에피소드 보니까 진짜 천생연분이네...ㅠㅠ 던도 진중한 사람인 것 같고 현아는 사랑스러우면서도 적극적인 모습 너무 이쁜 듯 미리 결혼 축하합니다🥳🎉🎈

  • Cruel Princess
    Cruel Princess 2 년 전 +8028

    The most satisfying part is that all the boys were fanboying over HyunA and Dawn's relationship! They were acting so cute along with HyunA and Dawn! I love this!

  • Sorry I’m an anti romantic

    When I first got into kpop I really liked hyuna’s songs but I had no idea how great of a person she is her heart is so pure she has such an amazing soul and her with dawn they make the perfect couple of course no one is perfect but them together they’re really perfect as. A couple I really hope they have a happy life and get married they’re the sweetest soulmates ever ❤️

    • Konvalia
      Konvalia 년 전 +1

      your username plays with this comment so well lol
      and also i agree! since I met my fiancé I've become more and more convinced that while no single person can be perfect, two people can become a perfect couple together. what one of them lacks, the other makes up for, and when they play to that strength, they can really become two halves of a whole "organism". working together seamlessly to flourish.

  • Coddl
    Coddl 2 일 전 +52

    알고리즘 이쯤되면 좀 무서움.. 와 헤어졌다니깐 바로 뜨네..ㄷ

  • karina
    karina 년 전 +206

    I want the other kpop idols having a cute couple like hyuna and dawn without getting hate😭👍

  • Olive-Grove
    Olive-Grove 년 전 +54

    I have so much respect for HyunA and Dawn for coming out with a relationship in an industry where this is beyond frowned upon (because some people need to believe that they can marry their idol or whatever 😑) this must have taken a lot of courage and I am so happy that it worked out for them eventually. They made a huge contribution to changing the way dating is viewed in the idol world and I hope idols get to have privacy and a love life in the years to come

  • cam
    cam 2 년 전 +16889

    imagine being a trainee and hyuna tells you she has a crush on you. i’d pass out

  • SteviiLove
    SteviiLove 년 전 +22

    I know this is a year old but the fact they are still together makes me so happy!
    I really hope these two thrive together and change the kpop industry for the better ❤

  • 녕냉뇽
    녕냉뇽 2 일 전 +78

    헤어지니까 알고리즘 뜨는 것봐. 이런 사악한 유튜브…

  • 23Bumolo23
    23Bumolo23 11 개월 전 +19

    I'm squealing, kicking my feet, and screaming rn they're so cute! Aah! I wish we get more couples like this in the kpop industry!

  • Sabeen Nasir
    Sabeen Nasir 3 일 전 +4

    Here after the breakup i feel like crying

  • Kim Huynh
    Kim Huynh 2 년 전 +3008

    I love how supportive the Bros are of this relationship. It's true that fans are the issue in idols dating. HyunA and Dawn are so cute! Jihyo and Daniel are cute! Momo and Heechul are cute! Chen is getting married and about to have a child! I hope that these couples are happy with each other and don't break up because of fans. I also hope that future couples won't be scared to be together for the fear of backlash from fans. Fans need to grow up and realize that idols are human beings and deserve to date, marry, have a family, and everything that all other people do.

    • Who Ate My Pickles!!??
      Who Ate My Pickles!!?? 2 년 전

      The baby is here guys... I hope us fans can see her when she’s older.!!

    • Sophia
      Sophia 2 년 전 +1


    • Jessica Jimenez
      Jessica Jimenez 2 년 전 +3

      i also hope that dating becomes normalized but if knetz dont stfu and treat idols like humans anytime soon that seems so far out of sight. us international fans are used to seeing idols date but knetz are not used to it and are delusional into thinking their idols literally belong to them just because they are their fans. like what the hell ? cant the idols experience love like we get to do? it doesn't matter if they're famous. they're humans before anything else smh. you should be happy to see your favorite idols in love because you should want to support them. if the only reason you pour money /support someone is because you think they belong to you or that you have a chance dating them even tho they dont even know you exist you are insane and need mental help jesus christ.

    • Sadde_ S
      Sadde_ S 2 년 전 +3

      I really am curious of how long Momo and Heechul have dated, this how was was like their "first" meeting, I still remember the first time Twice visited and Heehul said he liked Momo.

    • irreguler
      irreguler 2 년 전 +2

      I really wanted to see his child... He/she must be cute! And I also wonder what does chen's soon-to-be wife looks like. Or maybe they're married now?

  • Brielle Silver
    Brielle Silver 9 개월 전 +16

    I've watched this more than 3 times and I still smile like an idiot all throughout the video. They've been together like 6 years now? And now getting married? So happy for them 💖😭

  • 아주 굿굿굿굿이에요

    현아 진짜 목소리 조곤조곤하게 좋다….. 귀여워 ㅠㅠ

  • Valeria González
    Valeria González 년 전 +15

    Aww I really love that they came forward and are still in love and in the same agency, I wish the best for them. Love shouldn’t be something that makes people (or fans) angry, it should be celebrated, respected and encourage it!

  • Ana S
    Ana S 년 전 +15

    Eles são muito perfeitinhos juntos!!

  • Danielle Cadz
    Danielle Cadz 3 년 전 +5899

    HyunA fangirling over his boyfriend is a goal

    • o ok
      o ok 2 년 전 +7

      You meant to put "her

    • Acee
      Acee 3 년 전 +118


    • andhinrd
      andhinrd 3 년 전 +11


  • Jeremy De Vera
    Jeremy De Vera 년 전 +11

    Hyuna and Dawn need to make more appearances in variety or reality show.

  • Enn Lee
    Enn Lee 년 전 +521

    The bros just like a big brother who listen their sister's love story 😂😂

  • 🌬SECRET♟
    🌬SECRET♟ 년 전 +7

    Literalmente, eu descobri que a hyuna tinha namorado, esse ano kkkkkk, agora vejo vários vídeos e histórias desse casal tão fofo.

  • Cbx 20
    Cbx 20 년 전 +12

    i can’t describe how much i’m proud of them

  • Dandelion🌻
    Dandelion🌻 년 전 +6052

    I am happy seeing them happy and comfortable,I know Hyuna is a cheerful and cute person but in this interview she has that aura screaming "I am in love and I am happy" seeing her makes me want to fall in love too.
    Dawn too (you may think he is so calm and maybe she likes him more than he does for her but that is not true at all) he is a calm person more like an introvert but he shows that he loves her in his own way (him following her everywhere to make sure she is comfortable, even before them dating he brought the drinks too to not make her feel lonely and a lot of other things) the small but obvious things he does to show his love is really interesting to watch (if someone like him was my BF I would be thinking _in a good way_"oh what he is up to this time?" he makes you want to protect him as he is soooo clueless but at the same time he is able to protect you too, he is able to comfort you need.
    Life is too short to spend it hating others.
    I hope you guys will always be happy and in love, and to be end game for eachother.

    • jas-the-shrimp
      jas-the-shrimp 6 개월 전 +2

      Thus is definitely my favorite comment for sure

    • atsushi
      atsushi 8 개월 전

      this is so cute bro i want dawn to myself

    • Bryson Tyler
      Bryson Tyler 년 전

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      @Dandelion🌻 Dont worry, as one of the 3k people who readed it, i felt what you siad, i had my girlfriend (yes, im lesbi) by the christmas month of 2019 and my friend said the same thing about me. Being inlove by the person who feels the same will always be the best feelings

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    I'm here after them debuting together with PING PONG and die all over again because this episode was an overdose of cuteness. What a beautiful couple they make aldjbgahgb

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    • ᄋᄌ
      ᄋᄌ 18 시간 전

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    Ali Algamali 년 전 +43

    Best love story ever when they share this with their children it's going to be amazing


    Dawn. It certainly has been one of the most interesting and awe-inducing experiences following you as an idol, and as a person. I know that it is unnecessary for me to say, but a lot has happened in your time making music, and I am fortunate to have gotten to be a part of it as much as I have. It’s crazy for me to say that for me, it started two years ago. I discovered Pentagon early two years ago, and it was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I first heard the song ‘Shine,’ and as most people do, I fell completely in love with it. However, this was only just my introduction to Pentagon and I wouldn’t go on to become an official fan of Pentagon until a bit later in the year. For a bit of time, ‘Shine,’ was the only song I heard of Pentagon and I never listened to or watched any other songs or videos. I actually never even learned the members names. One of the reasons that I did keep coming back though, was plain and simply because of you. Upon just hearing and seeing you for the first time, I automatically came to the conclusion that you stood out to be faster and more evidently than anyone else. From the way you dressed to the way you sounded, and even just the way you made eye contact with the camera, all were a part of a style that I’d never come across before in my life. ‘Shine,’ in itself is already a very unique and bold song, but you completely represented and embodied the entire concept. I loved how different and individualized you were and how much fun you seemed to have. I only got as far as seeing some live performances, but in every time that I watched you, whether it be the music video, the dance rehearsal, any live performances, or anywhere else, you always completely light of the stage and I could never take my eyes off of you. Like I said before, I didn’t immediately learn anything else about Pentagon right away, and this was only just my beginning with you. I didn’t even know any of the other members’ names during the time that I was getting to know and be impressed by you. At the same time that I was becoming absolutely enticed with your presence in Pentagon, it happened to be the time when you were leaving the group. At first I was confused because I was only a new potential fan of Pentagon, but I then very quickly learned that it was for the best interests of everyone moving forward. From that point on, your solo career has taken off, and it has been every bit of successful since. You have already been recognized as one of the most talented idols for awhile, but now you have become completely riveting and mysterious, which makes it all the more exciting to support you and listen to your music. From day one, I have loved and been captivated by your raw and gritty voice that have a limitless range and unpredictable abilities. I love that you can rap and sing, and you have such a flexible and diversified sound, that you can be identified easily among other musicians. On top of this, you have such a loose and relaxed, yet structured and aggressive expression of dance when you perform. When you dance you seem so free and confident of yourself, and it is apparent every time that you perform, It makes me, and all of your fans in turn feel confident in your music and ourselves. All-around and overall you are simply just an untouchable and unmatchable being when perform and it is clear that you go somewhere else when you do so. Even just your gaze is so intense and sparks curiosity. I love the side of you that becomes obtainable to your fans when you are on stage, or seeing and dancing in any setting. You become the performer that you were meant to be and I am reminded how lucky I am to know you every time that you do so. I love who you are when you perform, but I realized that I was so curious about you as a person. Over these past two years, I have taken the time to get to know you outside of your music. I have done my best with keeping up with your channel and any content that you share with us. I am absolutely surprised and fascinated with how sweet and respectful you are of the world around you. I will admit that I was not expecting you to be so quiet because of how powerful of a statement that your music makes about your presence. When you perform, you exude so much energy and sociableness, but when you are just having a conversations you are so polite and even quiet. I was immediately charmed by your personas both on and off stage. You are so humble and sincere about your music and projects moving forward. You are kind, warm-hearted, and generous. I have loved watching the vlogs and behind-the-scenes of all of your works, and I feel like I learn about you with each passing day. You are always so ready to share your creative processes and let your fans see what you are working on. You open your heart to so many people and influence them in return. I can see how loving of a person you are and that reflects in your every day interactions and your music. I am so grateful that you take time out of your day to stay connected with your fans and the outside world. I recall in one of your more recent videos that you said you had been so busy as of late, especially because you were working on releasing your first mini album. You said that you had to temporary stop filming your vlogs due to your schedule, but you were still finding the time to speak to your fans, and that is what I found true to your character. You always put others first, and work hard to make sure that you please everyone, even when you don’t need to do that. I, and your fans, learn so much every day about to treat people with genuine kindness, respect, and love, and I cannot thank you enough for that. I want to take the time right now and forever, to properly thank your parents and family for raising you and sacrificing whatever they needed to you in order for you to pursue your dreams. I know that they know you, understand you, and love you in a way that we never could. They watch you become the outstanding musician that you are with the most pride of all of us, and they always have you in their hearts. Dearest Dawn, we are so fortunate to get to have you in our lives and celebrate you whenever we want to for how lovely you are. Everybody that comes into your life is changed for the better because of you. You have long had fans due to your previous work as an idol, and it has only grown from there. I appreciate you so much for everything that you do for your fans. You work so hard for so many people and us every single day and I cannot put into words how grateful we are for you. The legacy that you have left on Pentagon is no different. You have created so many precious memories for you, your members, and Universe to treasure forever and they will always love you and thank you for what you have given them. Likewise, you treat your fans so much. You give us so many memorable moments to share with you and treat us like you family. You are as open and honest when you can be, and you show us a vulnerable side of you that we can feel comfortable with and show to you in return. I am so proud of you for overcoming all of the obstacles that came your way. You have persevered through more than I have known somebody to in a very long time. I know getting to where you are might have been a struggle and you might have had doubts many times. You made it though, and you are stronger than you may ever even know. You inspire me and so many people to never give up and work until you achieve your dreams. I feel like so much is possible just because I’ve gotten the chance to know you. I hope that you have the most fun you could possibly have surrounded by those that love you; and can also commemorate you for all that you are and all that you have done. I hope it brings you all of the blessings that you deserve now and forever, and fulfills you to your heart’s desire! I have been a K-Pop fan for almost a decade and have come to support countless groups, but you are single-handedly the only artist who I have been fortunate enough to support since the very beginning; even before your debut. Because of this, you are very special to me and I already have a relationship with you that I haven’t had with any other. You have already accomplished so much musically! So many people are already intrigued by your music and unique artistry, and you are only going to have a growing fanbase moving forward. You have so much potential and are already moving towards a musical revolution due to your personal style and musical elements. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing so much with us and loving us so much over these past several years. Thank you for working so hard every single day and even potentially putting us first before yourself. I hope that you don’t work too hard and that you know that we will accept and love you through everything. Please relax and remember to live in the moment for yourself and those you love! I pray that you and your loved ones stay healthy and happy, and that you find happiness and worth in your future. I hope that you yourself see the worth in what you are doing, and recognize how much we are inspired by your story and music. We can’t wait to see what you do next and will support you no matter what happens. Thank you so much for everything Dawn! Happy birthday and we adore you!!!

  • Kae Yuki
    Kae Yuki 년 전 +5

    I've been watching this again and again coz is so lovely and all of the knowing bros members seem happy that dawn and hyuna made their relationship official and living happily. Coz in their field there's few couples that are open with their relationship.

  • Honey Bunny 1 of 2
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    자기 관리 똑부러지게 잘하고,솔직하고 무대에 진심 프로패셔널하다👍
    오래오래 예쁜사랑하세요~~😆😁

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    Who's here after their engagement? CONGRATULATIONS ON BOTH OF YOU!!! ARGHHH SO HAPPY FOR THEM

  • 박다빈
    박다빈 년 전 +77

    진짜 연습생 때 좋아한 거랑 고백하는 것도 그렇고 개 설레... 지금 박미선님 유재석님 모드임 미쳐떠 진짜 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 이게 드라마가 아니러 실화라니ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 그리고 둘다 무대에선 막 세상 섹시요염이구역의퀸카킹카들인데 실제론 조심조심하고 겸손하고 예의바르고 목소리나 말투부터 배려심이 보임...
    그래... 둘이 결혼해라....

  • Xxxsorrow
    Xxxsorrow 2 년 전 +8113

    Heechul and Hyuna have really changed the game for idols. They're paving the way for future generations. Hyuna by being unapologetically herself and not being afraid to experiment with her music and styles (despite the harsh criticism). And Heechul by showing that it's okay and normal for idols to have friends of both sexes, and most importantly, to date and fall in love. He talked about the hardships of being an idol, talked about how hard it must be for female idols while they're on their period and other struggles. They're both amazing people.
    When it comes to newer generations, Hwasa comes to mind as well.

    • madina. sdq
      madina. sdq 2 년 전 +1

      Yep korea should start normalizing it

    • ni putu lantiningsih
      ni putu lantiningsih 2 년 전 +2

      Don't forget about Yulhee Laboum and Choi Minhwan FT Island... They married young and have 3 kids now.. Yulhee is only 23 y.o. They are legit couple.

    • iM KiNd oF aN ExPeRt
      iM KiNd oF aN ExPeRt 2 년 전

      @lv3r!? wutt😂😂👍

    • lv3r!?
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    • iM KiNd oF aN ExPeRt
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    De novo os dois estão fazendo um show

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    현아는 마음만 먹으면 톱스타에 재벌까지도 만날 수 있는데 저렇게 연습생을 1년 반이나 짝사랑한 거 보면 정말 순수한 사람..

    • lll
      lll 일 전

      지금 봐도 맞말

    • ㅇㅇㅇ
      ㅇㅇㅇ 2 일 전

      @HS H ㅇㅇ 이게 맞지

    • HS H
      HS H 2 일 전 +15

      아니 재벌에 꽂히지 말고 멍청이들아.. 어쨌든 더 능력있고 잘생긴 사람들이 주변에 엄청 많을텐데도 연습생을 좋아했다는게 순수하다고오,.

    • Nuf Paa
      Nuf Paa 3 일 전

      톱스타? 재벌?ㅋㅋㅋ 판타지 소설도 작작봐라 정신나간 한녀들아

    • ㅇㅇㅇ
      ㅇㅇㅇ 4 일 전

      이거 ㄹㅇ 인정임...ㅎ

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    And they're engaged now!

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      unfortunately they broke up, what makes me sad is that there was a "fan" celebrating their breakup

    • Azmi Peshimam
      Azmi Peshimam 년 전 +5

      @Life of Lupe they broke up a week ago coz of their busy schedules .

    • aigokhamchagiya
      aigokhamchagiya 년 전 +12

      @Life of Lupe momo and heechul already broke up 😭😭😭 their agency confimed that due to their busy schedule :)) we should respect their decision :))

    • Life of Lupe
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      @Azmi Peshimam what?

    • Azmi Peshimam
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      they broke up TT TT TT

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    All of the cuteness aside, these two people are insanely brave and strong. I wish them nothing but happiness and success.
    Two beautiful warriors 💜💜💜

  • TaeTanniec is the real ship here!

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    s2chan 2 년 전 +2085

    "As adults, we should take responsibilities for our actions." This is why I appreciated her coming out with their relationship when it got exposed and even after the companies tried to cover it. How can we not support that?

    • Brittney Reimers
      Brittney Reimers 2 년 전 +44

      But they are humans with feelings I hope to see more open relationship with kpop couples after hyuna and dawn but the problem is fans and companies are quite sensitive with relationship issues

  • 위글위글위글
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    난 현아 너무 조아 10년 넘게 연예계 활동하면서 구설수도 없엇고 매년 2-3개씩 앨범 꼬박꼬박 내주고 매일매일 인스타에 사진도 올려주고 팬들한테 일편단심이고 자기가 맡은 일에는 끝까지하고 책임감도 강하고 마인드도 성숙하고... 본받고 싶다...

    FRTLDO 년 전 +5

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    • 고기
      고기 년 전

      @straykidshyunjin0320 ㅇㅈ요..그렇긴하죠..ㅎ.. 1년뒤 님때매 알림왔는데 반성합니다..

    • straykidshyunjin0320
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      @고기 아니 연애한게 기만은아님.ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 근데 쟤네는 기만했어.후이랑학폭가해자ㄴ은 적어도 기만은안했는데

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    • 신아
      신아 3 년 전 +8

      @VOG 진짜 인정해요..ㅠ 연예인들도 사람인데 연애좀 하면 안 되는 것도 아니고..;;
      좋아하면 좋아하는 거지 그걸로 '너네 서로 사랑하지 마!!' 이러는게 진짜 별루..

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